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Popular Forms of Dance in 2021

For those of us who are behind the times, dance forms and styles in general change rapidly. What was trendy and popular an hour ago is suddenly passé. Like everything else in our society, the art of dance is evolving.

The schools of dance have not changed. They are contemporary, ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom, and so on. Contemporary is the focus of this article. Hip-hop is the current dominant trend. If standing out at the club is your goal, there are skills you must master. Or, you can do some sports betting and watch a game. (That is usually my choice.)

TikTok Trending 

Unless you are a cave dweller, you have at least heard of TikTok. The social dance and music platform has become the rage over the past year. People of all ages and all walks of life have used it to express themselves and to interact with the world.

YouTube is awash in TikTok celebrities. Apparently, everyone wants to be a star. There are hundreds of thousands of dance videos showing the latest trend. There are even some that show you how to do them yourself. Some of the moves have unique names. Here are some examples:

  • Cut the Check - Mahak Hamid (dancer)
  • Out West - Nicole Bloomgarden (dancer)
  • To the Back - Millah T/Millie Slim (dancer)
  • Boss Btch - Laura Jackson (dancer)
  • Post to Be - Brittyn Nguyen (dancer)
  • Beggin’ - Katie Feeney (dancer)
  • Captain Hook - Megan the Stallion (dancer)
  • Candy Shop - Leslie Gonzalez (dancer)
  • Donk - Ceejay (dancer)
  • Bloomies Happy Dance - Jalaiah Harmon (dancer)

As you can see the names are as innovative as the steps. If these are more complicated than you want, consider sports betting at a sportsbook. Or, you can head to the nearest dance floor and have EMS on standby.

Dancing with the Stars 

For those of us who can’t bust a move, television gives us plenty of dance competition programming. These might give us insight into the world of modern contemporary dance. 

Shows like Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and The Masked Dancer are trendy. They are more likely to suit the needs of the more mature stepper. These shows usually contain a variety of dance styles throughout the season. Judicious use of pause, rewind, and fast-forward are advised.

Whether you are a pro or a grab and grinder, dancing should be fun. Remember, if all else fails, just sway to the beat.