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Contemporary dance is a style concerned with self-expression. Compared to other popular dance forms, it is relatively new, having only been developed during the mid-twentieth century. One of its most unique aspects is combining numerous types of dance into one performance. Improvisational movements are a vital aspect of contemporary dance. So too are controlled legwork, stresses on the torso, and unpredictable rhythm changes.

Contemporary Dance in Film

This style of dance has gained mainstream recognition partly thanks to its use in modern film. An excellent example of this is the 2019 horror film Suspiria, in which characters use the dance style as a secret language. Viewers can analyze the dance scenes in Suspiria in order to get a better understanding of the genre. It is particularly effective at using dance to convey what characters are thinking. Contemporary dance can also be seen in numerous filmed musicals. These include Cats, Funny Face, An American in Paris, and Hairspray.

Modern vs Contemporary Dance

There can sometimes be confusion about the differences between modern and contemporary dance. In fact, some people may incorrectly assume that they are synonymous. In actuality, they are very distinct from each other. The former is mainly focused on utilizing gravity. This is due to jazz and ballet being major influences on it. In contrast, the main aim of contemporary dance is to emphasize the connections between the body, mind, and soul. This is done with lighter and more fluid movements.